One-on-One Personal Training  - One Hour Sessions

Personal training sessions are individually-designed programs based on your goals and capabilities.  Programs will include cardiovascular, strength, core development, flexibility and balance exercises.  Whether your goal is weight loss, building muscular strength and endurance, increasing flexibility or general fitness, the program will be customized to your goals and will highlight what you need to be doing in between sessions to be successful in reaching your goals.  Remember that discipline (following the plan) is what is needed for you to turn your goals into accomplishments.  

Partner (two people) Training - One Hour Sessions

Train with a friend or family member to achieve your fitness goals!  Not only is this fun (and a little friendly competition can push you to work hard!), you can save money by pairing your sessions with an equally motivated partner.

Pilates Reformer Training - One Hour Sessions

Training sessions on the reformer involve integrated movement exercises for the entire body.  Pilates, especially on the reformer,  is an excellent way to improve one's strength, core, flexibility, and balance as well as help reduce low back pain or knee and  hip pain/weakness, and increase shoulder mobility and stability.  Physical therapists often recommend Pilates reformer training to help in aiding  physical therapy work.  


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